Commentaries by date:

Risk of Bias in Randomized Trials

By Gordon H Guyatt, MD, MSc and Jason W Busse, DC, PhD | Jun 15, 2016

Assessing the Evidence Series By Gordon H. Guyatt, MD, MSc and Jason W. Busse, DC, PhD Risk of Bias: A Better…

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Evaluating Systematic Review Quality

By Diekemper et all. | May 15, 2016

Assessing the Evidence Series By Rebecca L Diekemper, MPH, Doctor Evidence, Santa Monica, CA, Belinda K Ireland, MD, MS, TheEvidenceDoc,…

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Assessing the Evidence: Series Launch

By Craig Whittington, PhD and Jacob Franek | Apr 15, 2016

By Craig Whittington, PhD and Jacob Franek, MHSc Introduction GROWTH commentaries started in November 2014, and have covered a broad…

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Putting the Evidence into AHRQ’s EvidenceNOW

By David Meyers, MD | Mar 15, 2016

By David Meyers, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, AHRQ Introduction One of my favorite things about attending large conferences is bumping…

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Implementing Person-Centered Care through Guidelines

By Anna R. Gagliardi, PhD | Feb 15, 2016

By Anna R Gagliardi, PhD  Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, University Health Network Associate Professor, University of Toronto Chair,…

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The Power of Reliable Evidence

By Michael E. Stuart MD, and Sheri Ann Strite | Oct 15, 2015

Changing medical culture and providing care providers and patients with needed information, thereby achieving quality, value, and truly informed consent…

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The Institute of Medicine Standards for Systematic Reviews: 4 Years Later

By Sally C. Morton, PhD | Sep 15, 2015

By Sally C. Morton, PhD Professor and Chair, Department of Biostatistics University of Pittsburgh Vice Chair, IOM Committee on Standards for…

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What is the impact of the IOM Clinical Practice Guidelines Report on consumer stakeholder involvement?

By Peg Ford | Aug 15, 2015

By Peg Ford, Co-Founder/President Ovarian Cancer Alliance of San Diego My entry into the world of medical research was due to a…

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Effects of the IOM Reports: A Guideline Developer’s Perspective

By Tom Oliver | Jul 15, 2015

By Tom Oliver, Director Quality and Guidelines, American Society of Clinical Oncology Introduction The Guideline Program of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)…

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