The mission of GROWTH is to improve patient health and quality of life globally through the development and exchange of evidence-based knowledge and methods.

Sandra Zelman Lewis, PhD

Chief Guidelines Officer

As the Chief Guidelines Officer, Sandra Zelman Lewis oversees the development of all guideline-related projects, including the GROWTH initiatives and special projects, at Doctor Evidence, LLC.

Bob Battista, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer, Bob Battista was the driving force in creating the GROWTH Evidence initiatives at Doctor Evidence. Mr. Battista also co-founded Doctor Evidence in 2004.

Edan Shalev, BA

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Feiman, MD

Chief Medical Officer 

Mika Newton, BS

Chief Commercial Officer


Melanie Golob, MS

Director of GROWTH 

Craig Whittington, PhD

Global Head of Quality, Methodology and Innovation


Emily Scrivens, BS

Client solutions


Rebecca Diekemper, MPH

Associate Director, Methodology


Nancy Morgan, MA

Director of Education and Training


Amada Battista, MA

Design and Marketing

Guidelines Career Track

Career guidelines team-v1

Brandon Bert, BS, Evidence Analyst

Chang Liu, MPH, Data Integrity Analyst

Marina Gettas, MPH, Ontology Specialist

Ourania Petasis, MS, Data Integrity Analyst

Peter Acevedo, BS, Data Integrity Analyst

Purnima Gurung, MS, Ontology Specialist

Ragy Saad, MS, Associate Director, Clinical Operations & Data Integrity

Xiaoyan Zhang, MPH, Evidence Analyst

Yuting Kuang, PhD, Methodology Associate