GROWTH programs allow medical professional societies, healthcare research institutions, hospitals, and universities to collaborate and use methodologically-rigorous techniques to revise, replicate, and develop clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, health technology assessments, clinical decision support tools, and other evidence-based products. Members are encouraged to work jointly on their evidence reviews, resulting in multi-institutional research and harmonized guidelines that are easily updatable.

GROWTH Evidence

  • Platform licensing with up to 4 PICO questions in the same topic area per year, plus access to >20,000 pre-digitized clinical studies

GROWTH Research

  • Organization-wide platform licensing with unlimited PICO questions per year, plus access to >20,000 pre-digitized clinical studies


  • Rapid evidence tables for organizations that do not require the rigor of a full systematic review

GROWTH Replicator

  • Use Doctor Evidence technology to reproduce reviews and access the data and methods of the reviews


  • A visual tool that allows users to locate and collaborate with organizations in healthcare and research

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