GROWTH Membership includes shared access to Doctor Evidence’s digitized data across a range of health and medical topics. Use of Doctor Evidence software and services solutions enables participating members to conduct PICO-based searches of available evidence, extract up-to-date digitized data on a granular level, synthesize and summarize data, and draft reports. Organizations participating in GROWTH include academic research centers, healthcare provider institutions, medical professional societies, and others in evidence-based medicine (pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are excluded from GROWTH membership).


GROWTH Research

Under the GROWTH Research membership option, an organization contracts for itself and all of its members (e.g., a medical professional society contracts for its own guideline projects plus offers access to the Doctor Evidence platforms as a member benefit to physician or nurse researchers). Eligible organizations also include academic or hospital-based research centers providing this access to their faculty members. Annual licenses include GROWTH membership which confers unlimited access to the database of digitized studies without additional fees. All project-specific costs other than licensing are optional services contracted by the individual researchers as needed for specific research projects.

  GROWTH Research
GROWTH Membership Included
Platform access Client organization + members
PICO-based projects per year Unlimited, in any topic area
DOC Platform Licensing Annual Fee

Licensing includes database hosting, maintenance, and support. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn about pricing.

This membership network seeks to encourage cross-organization collaborations between members, sharing of resources, and use of the Doctor Evidence platforms (DOC Library and DOC Data). Membership in GROWTH also provides additional benefits such as invitations to members-only events and content, such as receptions hosted during Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)  conferences or G-I-N North America conferences.

Need evidence tables without the rigor of a full systematic reivew?

GROWTH Value may be what your are looking for.