This program offers payers, pharmacy benefits managers, and other stakeholders a transparent and trusted resource for coverage decisions. Doctor Evidence will:

  • Quickly identify pivotal and other key drug trials by indication
  • Extract and collate pertinent data
  • Populate tabular displays for comparative purposes
  • Present the evidence in detailed reports


Designed for organizations that need evidence quickly but do not require the rigor of a full systematic review, GROWTH Value focuses primarily on evidence tables prepared in an accelerated time frame. The basic version includes evidence tables containing:

  • All relevant pivotal trials
  • Study treatments + groups
  • Study design + endpoints
  • Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
  • Results of interest (e.g., efficacy, safety, and cost data)
  • Footnotes
  • Study references

GROWTH Value compliments other evidence products from the GROWTH division of Doctor Evidence, including GROWTH Research and GROWTH Evidence. Although GROWTH Value reports are not full-scale digital evidence reviews, the quality and attention to detail are of equally superior degree and performed by the same highly skilled teams.

Client Use Case
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Payers
  • Payer/Provider Systems
  • Pharmacy and therapeutic pricing
  • Inform coverage decisions
  • State Medical and Dental Boards
  • Legislative Analysis Programs
  • Report for legislatures
  • Payer/Provider Systems
  • State Medical and Dental Boards
  • Legislative Analysis Programs
  • Efficacy and safety of newly approved therapeutics as compared to previously approved options
  • Others
  • Review evidence that pharmacy benefit managers and payers will use for coverage decisions

Clients of GROWTH Value do not necessarily qualify as members of GROWTH.

Need more rigor in your evidence review?

GROWTH Evidence or GROWTH Research may be what you are looking for.