An ecosystem where scientists and methodologists can communicate in an open forum by testing, iterating, investigating, and potentially replicating an evidence review. GROWTH Replicator uses Doctor Evidence’s Digital Outcome Conversion (DOC) technology to reproduce reviews, as well as provide an open access interface for the data and methods of a review. The two critical parts of any review are:

  • the underlying data that is used in the review
  • the methods to properly curate and analyze that data

GROWTH Replicator

Through the use of the Doctor Evidence platform, GROWTH Replicator provides access to the underlying data derived from the studies included in the review and open access to replicate any analysis using the platform’s R statistical modules.

The GROWTH program is committed to providing the best available resources for collaborative science in any evidentiary review. In today’s age of value-based care, the transparency and reproducibility of healthcare analytics is essential to advance the best therapies with certainty and confidence of improved patient outcomes.

Need more rigor in your evidence review?

GROWTH Evidence or GROWTH Research may be what you are looking for.