Guideline and Research Organizations Worldwide for Transparency and Harmonization (GROWTH)

Welcome to GROWTH, an innovative initiative launched by DRE to improve communication among disparate segments of the health care market. GROWTH is committed to facilitating trustworthy clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) using evidence-based techniques. This site provides networks to find and connect with other people and organizations across the evidence-based medicine (EBM) spectrum, as well as links to tools that make systematic reviews, health technology assessments, and guidelines quicker and easier, making continual maintenance of “living guidelines” a reality.

Doctor Evidence platforms provide EBM organizations unprecedented abilities to conduct PICO-based searches of available evidence, meticulously extract and digitize data, analyze the evidence, and draft guidelines in a seamless end-to-end environment. Extracting data once and using it throughout the recommendation process allows users to be confident in the accuracy of their conclusions, making for trustworthy clinical practice guidelines.

The GROWTH Map facilitates collaboration and harmonization among members of the EBM community by turning a static world map into an interactive workspace to find and connect people and organizations working on similar topics. Users can filter based on a variety of characteristics, revealing pinpoint locations and information for each organization.
GROWTH Evidence allows organizations within the EBM community to have a means to connect and share resources within and across clinical topics, reducing costs and improving guidelines. Joining GROWTH Evidence provides special members-only benefits, such as invitations to events and access to restricted content.
GROWTH Patients is similar to GROWTH Evidence, but is exclusively for patients and patient-focused organizations. Becoming a member provides unique networking advantages and facilitates patient involvement in guidelines and other EBM activities.
In the GROWTH Collaborative, feedback can be provided within a secure environment to industry and other organizations on the methodologies behind CPGs, how various studies fared in the evidence appraisals, and why. Scientific Evaluation Reports are provided at stakeholder’s request, giving detailed analysis of the science behind recommendations.