ICER Replication Report Authors

GROWTH Replicator: ICER Multiple Myeloma -May 2016

Fasahath Husain, PhD, Senior Methods and Data Integrity Scientist

Yuting Kuang, PhD, Data Integrity Analyst

Ambar Grijalva, PhD, Evidence Analyst

Brandon Kerr, MS, Data Integrity Analyst

Ragy Saad, MS, Clinical Production Manager

Craig Whittington, PhD, Global Head of Quality, Methodology and Innovation

Todd Feinman, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Transparency and reproducibility in healthcare analytics is one of the most important factors for rationalizing emerging value based systems. Doctor Evidence has been developing software platforms to capture, synthesize and analyze data utilizing rigorous methodology for over a decade. Doctor Evidence’s DOC (Digital Outcome Conversion) technology is the leading solution for extracting and managing medical evidence while ensuring both flexibility and consistency in methods. The DOC platform operationalizes enterprise-level ontology management, source traceability and methodological best practices.  Through this best in class technology Doctor Evidence is leading the industry in providing solutions to fulfill mission critical requirements for healthcare transformation.

Doctor Evidence is a leading human-enabled technology platform company that provides solutions for dynamic identification, synthesis and analysis to perform evidence-based medicine evaluations. Doctor Evidence has been used for the past 14 years by research organizations, life-science companies, academic institutions, evidence-based practice centers, and leading healthcare providers in the marketplace to make timely, relevant and cost-effective evidence-based decisions.

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